Poor Mama’s Boy

17 year old Wesley Shipman has always been a quiet boy. After his mother leaves to be with her boyfriend, Wesley’s uncle takes him in and provides a stable life. Things start to look up for Wesley when he meets Adelia, a young girl drawn to Wesley’s quiet disposition. What starts out as an innocent encounter quickly veers into darkness when Adelia goes missing and all eyes are on Wesley… but the quiet boy ain’t talkin’. The Ozark Mountains serve as a backdrop for this chilling Southern tale about how far a young man is willing to go for family.

“Poor Mama’s Boy” introduces Joe Hiatt and stars Lynnsee Provence (The Gift, War Eagle Arkansas, Shotgun Stories) Cody Block (The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Black Snake Moan) Madi Yates, Mary Faulkner, Dustin Prince, Karl Chamless, Kristy Barrington (Mud) and Natalie Canerday (Sling Blade, October Sky, Shotgun Stories)

Written and Directed by Dalton Coffey